The PPO is committed to the Kindness at school project at FACE.

In fact, we presented the project Code de Vie en Action to the Principal and the Governing Board in 2018-2019.

In Fall 2019, we put up Tel-Jeune posters (promoting a free anonymous 24hr help line for kids) along with positive and kind post-its in all of the washrooms in the school.

In December 2019, we created the Kindness Tree in the hallway (near room 105), to make the tree blossom -you must write a kind action performed or received on a heart-shaped leaf.

We are continuing to put up fabulous posters by local artist Élise Gravel in our beautiful school !!

The evening of February 18th 2020, we were happy to have a conference on Kindness at schools, presented by a speacialist in this area, Professor Éric Morissette from  l’Université de Montréal.

On February 26th 2020, we will be celebrating Pink Shirt Day to stand-up against bullying, so please make sure that you and your kids wear pink for this very important cause !

It is crucial to explain the story of how Pink Shirt Day was created -it’s based on a true story -see link above.  We can then ask our child ‘how would you feel if you were proud to wear your favourite shirt, but then at school you were humiliated, taunted and teased, rejected and hurt on purpose by others?’ and ‘do you believe that we deserve to be treated this way just because we are different?’ and share your opinion ‘i personally believe that everyone must be treated with respect…’  and even share your personal experience ‘when i was young, i remember that…’

Pink Shirt Day is an incredible and unique opportunity to be able to discuss such essential principles and to share your values of respect, tolerance and an openness to diversity… in order to better live together…

On June 5 2020, we will be celebrating the year end party FACEstival where we hope to unite everyone in solidarity and unity to enjoy the festivities together.  Stay Tuned…

We do need parent-volunteers to help us with these projects, so please consider joining the PPO.

The PPO is hoping that students will begin to spearhead the Kindness Movement -since Kindness can only be effective at school if the students get involved – so as parents -please Talk about it with your kids too  !